Eure!Car = hyödyllistä tietoa käytännön ammattilaisilta.

Teoreettisen osuuden jälkeen (20% koulutusajasta), korkeasti koulutetut kouluttajat ohjaavat oppilaita käytännön harjoitteissa (80% koulutusajasta) tarkoituksenmukaisen ja valmistellun ajoneuvon kanssa. Osittain purettu Eure!Car -koulutusajoneuvo tarjoaa maksimaalisen näkyvyyden ajoneuvon tekniikkaan. Ajoneuvojen merkit ja mallit ovat tarkoin valittuja perustuen niiden markkinasuosioon sekä tunnettuihin vikoihin ja ongelmiin, joita ne tuottavat tosielämässä! Jokainen koulutusajoneuvo on varustettu vikasimulaattorilla, jota käyttämällä opettaja voi luoda vikatilanteet kaikkiin ajoneuvon toimintoihin (mukavuus, turvallisuus, moottorinohjaus jne.).

Koulutusajoneuvojen laaja valikoima takaa optimaalisen pääsyn kaikkiin niihin teknologioihin, joita käytetään Euroopan ajoneuvomarkkinoilla. 


Lue Eure!Car -koulutuksiin osallistuneiden asentajien kommentteja. 

Sent: 17 May 2014 07:49
Subject: Eure! Car Showcase Day SMF

Hello Steve and IFA Members

Our showcase day was extremely successful with possibly the right number of attendees for each session 10 for the first and 11 for the second. Those numbers did not include any of the college teachers who were either involved in classes or exams with the students. Those numbers ensured my customer's ability to feel relaxed and gain the most from Ant's presentation. My introduction I think was well received and on completion I had the experience to draw my customers close to the car for Ant to start. I have to say that Ant's presentation skills are excellent plus his ability to create interaction between all our customers was masterful.

Was it a success?     Yes in every respect!

Strangely enough with all my worries and nerves about our showcase day, as soon as the presentation started I watch all my customers and noticeably watch their reaction to what was unfolding. This was professional, credible and by the end something they wanted to be involved with ongoing.

They simply want it!

Having now been involved in a Eure! Car Showcase Day I'm immensely proud of not only the prestige that SMF will gain but Industry respect the IFA will achieve. For me, one of my customers at the second showcase, summed up Eure! Car Masterclass by saying " the training I have seen today is infinitely better that any top technician would receive working for a main dealer ".

With all these things the hardest part is initially selling the concept to our customers and getting them away from their garages to attend. Once that's achieved they will be impressed. If you can remember the Eure! Car presentation at the Motor Cycle Museum when Manuel started by saying " If you go out and compete just on price you we’ll always be beaten, you need something else that is unique "

Now the IFA has something UNIQUE!


Comments after pilot training sessions in UK :

Very well run – a little more time in classroom on different sensors, etc first would be helpful
Very worthwhile, lots of tech info, learnt how to read wiring diagrams properly
Very good course – well done
Good course – have learned a lot about testing sensors, which will save a lot of time
Ability to get wiring diagrams and information
Great course to attend and was worthwhile experiencing different faults and diagnostics
Very good course – time well spent
Excellent training and good hands on experience
Great course – any more training days welcomed and appreciated
Great, enjoyable course – great detail and problem solving
Found the course helpful in a lot of ways
Overall a good course
Very good course, well worth the time
Best course I’ve attended
Really enjoyed the course, found it very interesting
Time well spent
Very good course


Sent: 11 July 2014 08:30

Hi Steve,
Customer reaction has been very positive and all are asking when the next training session is and what car it will be on.

We have supplied all attendees a questionnaire to gauge their views on the course and I will forward on the results one we have collected all.



Sent: 11 July 2014 13:11
To: Steve Parker IFA

Hi Steve,
Just had some more feedback from one of our key accounts. The gent is called Pete C. who owns two garages in our area and only ever calls me if we have a problem. He said that he has spent thousands sending his guys on various training courses and most of the time they come back and tell him it was a waste of time.

This time with Eure!car his two chaps came back with glowing reports and would not stop talking about it. This did surprise Pete but he was happy to report some good news. He is looking forward to the next car and training sessions.